Philemon 1:17-25

The Promise To Philemon

(v.17-22): Receive (v.17), Forgive (v.18), Promise
Offered To Repay (v.19), Desired Outcome (v.20), Obedience (v.21), Needed
Prayer (v.22).

Closing And Final Words (v.23-25): Greetings From Five Men (v.23-24).

Epaphras—Bondservant, A Man Of Prayer

Mark—A Picture Of Restoration & Redemption

Aristarchus—A Real Companion

Demas—From Laborer To Greeter To A Forsaker

Luke—Gave All To Follow Christ

Character Study: Epaphras (Col.4:12-13; Philemon 23). A Bondservant. Labored
Fervently In Prayer. What Is Prayer?

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His Prayer Life: (1) He Prayed Constantly (Col.4:12). (2) He Prayed Fervently
(Col.4:12). (3) He Prayed Personally (Col.4:12). (4) He Prayed Specifically
(Col.4:12). (5) He Prayed Sacrificially & Corporately (Col.4:13). Perfect-Complete-

Grace (v.25)—Getting What We Don’t Deserve. In Context Of

Lessons From Philemon: Reconciliation & Second Chances; God Works To Restore
Relationships; The Power Of The Gospel; Mentorships; Brotherhood In Christ;
People Can Change; Epaphras Shows Us How To Pray Effectively.