2023 12 Dec 10 Philemon—Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Unity

Why This Book Is Important: Teaches Us About Forgiveness & Reconciliation
(Matt.18:18; Ps.103:12; Heb.10:17; Matt.6:14. Teaches Us About Unity (Gal.3:28).
Teaches Us The Spirit Of Masters & Slaves Living & Working Together (Col.3:22-
4:1; Eph.6:5-9)

Opening Of Philemon (v.1-3): Paul’s Situation; The People; Paul’s Greeting (Grace
& Peace; From God)

Paul’s Prayer (v.4-7): Consistency (Acts 16:25; 1 Thess.5:18; Eph.1:11; 2 Cor.4:15)
& He Prays For Others.

His Reason For Prayer (v.5-7): Hearing (v.5), Sharing (v.6), Refreshing (v.7)

His Plea To Philemon (v.8-16): For Love’s Sake (v.8-9), Salvation & Transformation
Of Onesimus (v.10-11), Reconciliation (v.12-13), Philemon’s Consent (v.14), God’s
Sovereignty (v.15-16)

[This Is Likely Where I Will Stop]