2 Corinthians 4

2023 12 Dec 06 Wed Night Live 2 Cor.4 Outline
“Characteristics Of Ministry, Character In Ministry”
God’s Glorious Ministry Given To Paul (2 Cor.4:1-6)(2 Cor.3)
Perseverance—Not Quitting (v.1)—We Do Not Lose Heart (v.1,16); 2 Cor.1:8; 2
Honesty—Not Deceitful (v.2-4)—Craftiness, Manifestation Of The Truth (Tell It
Out, Live It Out), A Veiled Gospel (Satan Is The Cause)
Humble—Not Prideful (v.5-6)—Not Preaching Himself (Humility), Shining The
Light (Witnessing; Paul & His Conversion Acts 9)

Valuable Treasure & Dying (v.7-12)—The Earthen (Clay) Vessel Outside, The
Valuable Treasure Inside, The Paradoxes, Constantly Dying
Spirit-Filled—Earthen Vessel (v.7)=Our Frail Body (A Chosen Instrument); Valuable
Treasure=The Holy Spirit, The Gospel; Clean, Empty, Available Vessels (2 Tim.2:20-
Paradoxes (v.8-12) Earthen Vessels-Power Of God; Hard Pressed-Not Crushed;
Perplexed-Not In Despair; Persecuted-Not Forsaken; Dying Of Jesus-Life Of Jesus;
Death Working-Life Working. Seemingly Defeat Yet Perpetual Victory. Why Trials?
Daily Dying To Self—A Life Of Constant Dying, The Life Of Jesus (v.10-12)