Titus 3

Calvary Chapel Carson City

Sunday Morning Live

October 22, 2023

Remind, Remember, Renewed, Redeemed, Restored, Reclaim, Recall, Reject 

Titus 3

Good order

Good doctrine

Good deeds

Him, you, them, us, Him

Vs. 2:11-3:4

Living kind and obedient lives:


Vs 1-2



Be ready

Speak evil of knowing

Be Peaceable

Be Gentle

Be Humble


Define factors of all sinners

Vs 3




Serving various lusts and pleasures

Living in malice and envy



Remembering God’s work in us, builds us:

With Gratitude: of our change through Christ

With Humility:  because of Christ’s work not ours

With Kindness: towards others in the same place

With Faith: that if God did it in us He can do it in others

8 Results of Salvation:

Renewed, redeemed, Restored, Reclaimed


Not by works


Washing of regeneration

Renewing of the Spirit

Abundant outpouring of The Spirit

Justified by grace

Heirs according to Hope

Vs 4-7


Affirm constantly

These are good and profitable

Belief leads to action

Vs 8

Reminder to stay the course:

Four unprofitable things to avoid

Vs 9

Foolish disputes, 



Striving about law


The three ways of a divisive person

Warped, sinning, self condemned

Poem: Blame me not

Final three-point message

Maintain good works

Meet urgent needs

Don’t be unfruitful

Inscription inside the Lübeck Cathedral, Germany.
Ye call Me Master and obey me not,
Ye call Me Light and see Me not,
Ye call Me Way and walk not,
Ye call Me Life and desire Me not,
Ye call Me wise and follow Me not,
Ye call Me fair and love Me not,
Ye call Me rich and ask Me not,
Ye call Me eternal and seek Me not,
Ye call Me gracious and trust Me not,
Ye call Me noble and serve Me not,
Ye call Me mighty and honor Me not,
Ye call Me just and fear Me not,
If I condemn you, blame me not.

inscription inside the Lübeck Cathedral, Germany.