Calvary Chapel Carson City Sunday Morning Live Septembe 24, 2023 Titus 2 But As For You Speak, Live, Look Character Change: Titus 1:10-16 Ezekiel 36 The don’ts that defined the dos The negatives that teach the positives. But As For You: X2 Vss. :1&15 The Called The Leaders The Teachers The True Disciples Why we live the way we do 2:11-14 Don’t you just love how the Lord has Paul stop his intentional instructional writing and breakout in unintentional PRAISE. Grace Appeared Grace Brings Salvation The cure for Alone: The Five Solas: The Five Solas: Grace alone Faith alone Christ alone Scriptures alone God’s glory alone Salvation has Appeared Hath Shined Out! Grace Appeared, Grace Teaches: As a parent teaches a child Teaching Encouraging Directing Correcting Disciplining Living Godly lives: to take God seriously To Live: Soberly, as in regards to our personal life Righteously, in relation to others Godly, and our attitude towards God Denying: This in huge! Grace causes Positional Change Grace teaches us: To Expect To Prepare To Look for the Blessed Hope