Calvary Chapel Carson City

Sunday Morning Live

October 1, 2023


Titus 2

But As For You


Speak Sound Doctrine

But As For you

Vs. 1


What to teach

How to teach: Approach not to Reproach

Remember, Titus was younger 


Teach with conviction that it may result in conviction, without being condemning. Let the Holy Spirit and the Gospel bring conviction.


Teaching Older men

Vs. 2

Sober, Reverend, temperate

Sound in faith, and love, and patience


Teaching Older women

Vs. 3-4


Reverent in behavior, not slanderous, not given to much wine, Teachers (to live) of good things


Resulting in admonishment of younger women


Teaching the younger women

Vs. 4b-5

Love their husband, Love their children 

Be discreet, chased, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husband


Resulting in: the word of God, not being blasphemed

Maligned, spoken of lightly, profane, impeding, or slowing It’s reputation.


Teaching the younger men


Vs. 6

Difference in emphasis, same in outcome. 

Godly living is the outcome!


Practical applications

Vs. 7-8


Teaching servants

Vs. 9-10


Adorning the doctrine of God, our Savior in all things.