Calvary Chapel Carson City Sunday Morning Live July 23, 2023

Titus Actions Matter Matters of Eternity

What we believe impacts everything we think, do and say.

Chain links Vs. 1 Paul’s position, and ours. Bondsevants: It’s never a low thing to be the servant of our great God. The highest place we sit is at the feet of Jesus. One is never taller than when kneeing at the feet of Jesus.

Choosing our position Luke 12:38–42 James 2:14-26 Tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth!

Acknowledgment of the truth. According to Faith, which accords with godliness.

Truth that leads to salvation: Not all truth leads to salvation, Truth that does must be in accord with the Gospel. 2+2=4 is true, but won’t save you. Well, we’re not actually sure if it is true?

President Ronald Reagan said… Truth: The True Gospel of Jesus Christ. The power of God under salvation. 1 Corinthians 15:1–4 Romans 6:4-8 Romans 1:16-17 “The Christian Gospel does not in the first place, offer men an intelligent creed, or a moral code; it offers them life, the very life of God.” William Barclay. .