1 Corinthians 15:58

Calvary Chapel Carson City Wednesday Night Live June 21, 2023 Happy First Day of Summer A Call to Diligence 1 Corinthians 15:58 2 Peter 1,3 Steadfast Fast fixed; firm; firmly fixed or established; as the STEDFAST globe of earth. 2. Constant; firm; resolute; not fickle or wavering. Abide STEDFAST to thy neighbor in the time of his trouble. Steadfastness Firmness of standing; fixedness in place. Firmness of mind or purpose; fixedness in principle; constancy; resolution steadiness of mind Immovable adjective [in and movable.] That cannot be moved from its place; as an immovable foundation. 1. Not to be moved from a purpose; steadfast; fixed; that cannot be induced to change or alter; as a man who remains immovable 2. That cannot be altered or shaken; unalterable; unchangeable; as an immovable purpose or resolution. 3. That cannot be affected or moved; not impressible; not susceptible of compassion or tender feelings; unfeeling. 4. Fixed; not liable to be removed; permanent in place; as immovable estate. 5. Not to be shaken or agitated. Always 1. Perpetually; throughout all time; as, God is ALWAYS the same. 2. Continually; without variation. I do alway those things which please him. John 8:29. Matthew 28:1. Abounding Having in great plenty; being in great plenty, being very prevalent; generally prevailing. Knowing 1. Having clear and certain perception of. 2. adjective Skillful; well informed; well instructed; as a knowing man. The knowing and intelligent part of the world. 3. Conscious; intelligent.