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Patrick Propster
Patrick Propster
Sunday, August 20, 2023
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Calvary Chapel Carson City

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August 20, 2023




Actions Matter 

Living as an Example


Living Contrast


Living a life that leads others to Christ. 

What we believe impacts 

everything we think, do and say.



Titus 1

I Timothy 3

2 Timothy 4:2-4

Numbers 12


Before time

In due time

At this time


The Address

The Blessing

The Purpose/Opening Statement

The Titus Call

The Command/Appointment/as Directed


Honoring Authority

God’s Callings

God’s Reasoning


Biblical Qualifications:

How to Choosing Spiritual Leadership

How not to Choose

1 Tim 3 


The Qualifications

The Criteria

The Goals

The Training Guide


Still the Call, Still the Mission, Still the Qualifications

Over 125+ points


Stewards of God 

How then shall we live?


“The greater the master, 

the greater the servants are expected to be.”

List # 1


Husband of one wife

Faithful children/Faithful household

Not accused of dissipation or insubordination

Blameless #2

Steward of God

Not self-willed

Not quick-tempered

Not give to wine

Not violent

Not greedy for money


A lover of what is good

Sober-minded #2 (of 10 by the way)